Dynasty Reign - A Newborn Shoot

My first photoshoot of 2019 was with a little princess...literally. Her name itself only speaks of royalty, so it was only fitting that the end product should reflect nothing less of that. I will admit, this was a different experience for me. I've photographed a few newborns, but I usually like to capture them as they are. There's no extravagant set design, just them in their natural state. However, I wanted to do something a little different with her. I wanted to design a set. I decided to create three different sets - one would be detailed and the other two would be pretty simple. She was turning three weeks old the day of the shoot, so I knew she'd probably be asleep during the entire shoot. My idea was to design a setting fit for a queen. I knew I wanted sort of a Victorian-style setting. I knew I wanted a canopy bed. And I knew I would probably have to make all of this myself ... and I was right. I borrowed a brass end table from my mom's living room set to use as the bed frame. The design of the legs was perfect for my Victorian theme. With some sheer drapery (a gold beaded curtain set that I lucked up and found at HomeGoods), a pair of scissors, and a little bit of tape, I created a canopy around the bed frame. I wrapped string light from the Bullseye's Playground section at Target along the top of the frame. Then, just throw in a shag rug, some pearls, and few other accent pieces. Voilà! An elegant newborn-size Victorian bed surrounded by a magical cocoon, fit for a princess to sleep in. And that she did.

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